Perry Ellis Pour Homme Review - Smell Fresh To Work Fresh

Perry Ellis Pour Homme Review - Smell Fresh To Work Fresh

With a man, the world has held a lot of expectations and responsibilities. Maybe that is because, from the very beginning, a man is seen working and doing things many cannot and have not been able to. Since decades, a man has been given all of the responsibilities in the world, the unfulfilled of which lands him to become prone to abuses and questioning by others on his manhood and character.

 There has always been too much pressure on a man, and this pressure has led them to forget about their personal likes, dislikes, preferences, tastes and choices.

Even in the corporate world, the competition is so much not just for women but also for men. There sure is more competition for women than men, but that does not mean that the man's struggle should be ignored.

 While working the whole day, trying to prove oneself and the world that you are worth it, a man forgets about everything, including personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is something that makes you smell fresh and feel fresh. Because of the difference in hormones of the man and woman, a man has to take extra care of himself in order to smell fresh and work fresh.

This is the review of one of the most basic things that are used for personal hygiene, i.e. perfume. Perry Ellis Pour Homme is a spray for men and has been largely creating a buzz in customers. Let us see why and how.


The Perfume Perry Ellis 360 Pour Homme is also famously called as the Perry Ellis Pour Homme Original. The liquid perfume comes in a double layering, first being the utmost layering which a rectangular shaped box and the other being the inner layers which is the bottle itself. The bottle is also rectangular shaped and has a spray head on the top. The color is matte black, and there is the brand logo of Perry Ellis in blue color in the middle of the rectangle. The same goes with the box the bottle comes in, the only difference being the box is made up of thick board and provides safety to the bottle from breaking.


The Perry Ellis Pour Homme Fragrantica is a men's spray and can also be used by women as well. The odour of spray is as such that women and men both can carry confidently.The spray offers a citrus base with hints of spicy appeal. It can be used both, occasionally at parties and celebrations or regularly, at home errands and house chores. It was originally designed for casual wear but carried the sophistication needed to use a perfume occasionally and rarely. The Perry Ellis Pour Homme Cologne features opening notes of bitter orange and cardamom followed by medium notes of coriander and the closing warmth of clay sage.


The Perry Ellis Homme Eau De Parfume comes in a rectangular package and a rather smaller box that can be fitted anywhere. One can either put the perfume box in their dressing rooms or on the nightstand in the side of their beds. The perfume is safely stored so one can also keep it in their cars without worrying much about the breaking of the bottle of the perfume. It is a rather small bottle so it can also be kept in one’s pocket. This will facilitate the person to use it as and whenever the person wants. Before entering in for the meeting, the person can pull the bottle out for his pocket and spray a few drops of the fragrance.


When Perry Ellis Pour Homme Basenotes hit the odour of the air, it is more fragrance than a bad smell. The bottle is of mainly 100 ML and if used occasionally, can last for several months. The odour is long-lasting, so one does not have to keep spraying the fragrance again and again in a single day. Twice a day will work all the wonders. If used regularly, even then the perfume will last for months.

This was the Perry Ellis Pour Homme Review, and hopes are that all your questions about are Perry Ellis Pour Homme good have been answered.

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