All About Bed Sizes: A Size Comparison of Bed Frames, Sheets, & More

All About Bed Sizes: A Size Comparison of Bed Frames, Sheets, & More

Have you always wondered why you seem to get the best sleep in a hotel room? Well, the magic is in the mattress. You can achieve a good quality sleep when you have a bed that brings comfort the moment you lay on it. That's why it's essential to get a bed that provides just that.

A lot of mental health issues and sleeping disorders are linked to poor sleep. Not having quality sleep can affect how you go about your day, including your mood, performance at work or school, and treatment of other people. But, when you get adequate rest and allow your body to recharge and get ready for the next day, you wake up refreshed and in a good morning mood.

Investing in and choosing a high-quality bed is the best way to achieve a hotel-like experience when it's time to doze off. When it comes to shopping for a bed, know that size matters. Lucky for you, we've prepared a bed size chart to help you select the frame, mattress, and sheets of the right size for your specific needs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Bed

You spend a good chunk of your life sleeping—or about 36 years. Make these times comfortable by keeping in mind the following things when getting a bed.

  • Number of people - Are you going to use the bed alone? Or will you be sleeping with a spouse, partner, child, or furry friend? If you'll be sharing the bed with more than one person or pet, perhaps it's best to consider a large frame and mattress so everyone can fit.
  • Body type - The size of the person sleeping on the bed matters. If the person stands over 6 feet, a standard full-size or twin bed would be uncomfortable. The same goes for people with wide builds.
  • Bedroom size and dimensions - The size of the bedroom plays a key role when deciding which type and size of bed you're getting. If you have a tiny room, a queen or king bed should be out of the options. You have to choose a bed size that wouldn't cramp the space and restrict your movement.
  • Bedroom location - You wouldn't want to buy a bed that will not fit in your home, would you? Room location and accessibility are important factors when purchasing a bed. Determine how you'll transport it in your room and work around the limitations to ensure your newly purchased bed finds its way to you without a scratch.
  • Budget - Buying a bed entails purchasing not just the bed frame but also the mattress, bedsheets, and pillowcases. Of course, the bigger the size, the more costly it can get. So, determine your needs and the budget you can shell out for your bed requirements.

Table of Contents

    Bed Frame Sizes

    The panels that support your mattress keep it off the ground and make it easier for you to get in and out of bed. It's going to be the base of your bed, so everything else will follow its size. That's why it's essential to make a bed size comparison to see whether your choice will fit your room just right.

    • Twin: A twin bed, also known as a single bed, is better recommended for one person with limited space or kids upgrading into their first big bed.
    • Twin XL: This bed frame has the same width as twin beds but is longer by up to 5 inches. Since it gives more room lengthwise, it's a good option for taller people.
    • Full/Double: Full or double bed frames are the same length as twin beds but are 16 inches wider. However, it's still not big enough for two adults. This can be an excellent choice for a young adult or anyone who moves around when sleeping.
    • Queen: Queen size beds are a popular mattress choice for couples and single adults. The queen bed frame feels luxurious, especially if you're not sharing it with anyone, but less expensive than a king.
    • King: King bed frames are spacious and can comfortably accommodate two people without bumping into each other—a fantastic choice for couples or parents who sleep with a kid.
    • California King: California king bed frames are longer and narrower than king beds. They are ideal for tall people who prefer to have more legroom and spacious enough for couples.
    The bed frame can be made from different materials:
    • Wood: This material is commonly used for bed frames due to its durability. But because it is a heavy material, it can be a challenge to move it around. Some of the common types of wooden bed frames are pine, mahogany, oak, and walnut.
    • Metal: Metal bed frames are also durable. They are easy to assemble and disassemble, resistant to humidity and termites, and inexpensive.

    Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

    Shopping for a mattress requires you to pay attention to its length and width, ensuring that it will fit your bed frame. Mattress measurement varies depending on the model and maker, so it's important to take your bed frame measurements and check them against the mattress measurements to ensure you get the one that fits your bed right.

    Meanwhile, knowing the depth of your mattress (thickness and measurement from top to bottom) is important when buying sheets. You should also know the measurements to shop for the right sheets, as getting the wrong size may require alterations.

    Tips on How to Choose a Mattress

    • As much as possible, shop in-store to have a good feel of the mattress and ensure you're getting the type and quality you need. It also helps you compare prices easier.
    • Get a mattress that will support your sleeping position. For instance, back sleepers will feel more comfortable with a hybrid mattress or firm foam. Side sleepers will find better support for the shoulders and hips with a softer mattress, while combination sleepers will feel more comfortable with a hybrid mattress since it responds better to different positions.
    • See which type of mattress (foam, innerspring, and hybrid) you are more comfortable with. Innerspring mattresses are bouncier; foam mattresses respond well to body pressure, while hybrid mattresses allow better airflow and offer a combination of support and comfort.

    Bed Sheet Sizes

    Does your fitted sheet stay in place when you're on the bed, even when you're moving around? If not, it's because they don't fit well on your mattress. To get the right sheet size that would stay in place, you must measure the mattress first. Once you have the dimensions, you can move on to buying fitted and flat sheets to dress your bed.

    A fitted sheet is the elastic-lined bedsheet for starters that covers the mattress and keeps it clean. The correct-sized sheet should wrap snugly around the mattress. Meanwhile, a flat sheet is the one that lays atop the mattress, sitting between you and the duvet or comforter, to help with sleeping temperatures. These sheets don't have elastics, but you can tuck them between the bed frame and the mattress to keep them in place.

    Ready to shop for bedsheets? Here are the common fabrics you need to know:

    • Cotton: This is the most common material for bedsheets. Cotton sheets are durable and breathable. Egyptian and Pima cotton sheets have excellent quality for cotton sheets.
    • Polyester: Polyester sheets are durable against wear and wrinkles. However, they're not as breathable compared to other fabrics.
    • Satin: Satin sheets can be made from polyester, wool, or cotton and are known for their shiny appearance. The material is soft and an excellent choice to keep you warm during cold days, but they can be tricky to care for.
    • Microfiber: These sheets are warm and bring extra comfort when sleeping. It is made from tightly woven synthetic fabric
    • Bamboo: Also known as bamboo rayon, this material is soft and silky. The bamboo fabric helps prevent pilling or the formation of soft balls or fluff, enhancing its durability.

    Bed Pillow and Pillowcase Sizes

    Now that you know how to shop for properly fitted sheets, it's time to get bed pillows and pillowcases to complete the look and feel of your bed. Unlike the variety of options in bedsheets, pillows and pillowcases are classified into four categories: standard, queen, king, and body.

    • Standard: This is a compact size that perfectly fits a twin bed. You can fit two of these in a full and queen bed and three for a king or California king. It's the right pillow size for those who don't move around too much when sleeping.
    • Queen: Queen size pillows have extra length. Two of these will match the width of a queen-size bed, while putting them on a king leaves enough space in between.
    • King: King pillows are long and support the back when you sit up to read or watch in bed. It makes for good pillow support for the back. Two king pillows can fit a king-sized bed comfortably.
    • Body: Body pillows come in handy for side sleepers, as it fits the body's shape to give support when sleeping on the side.

    Get the Right Size for Your Bed

    Shopping for a mattress, bed frame, or even bedsheets is fun, but it can be overwhelming when you don't know what and how to shop for the correct items. Hopefully, this guide can help you build your perfect bed and make the shopping experience more fulfilling.

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Dec 15th 2021

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