Why do you need accessories?

Computer accessories make your experience working with computers comfortable and easy. Computer parts like keyboard, mouse, router, a CPU, and the like are essential when working with your desktop. Apart from the known accessories, there are many more computer accessories like storage devices, cleaning kits, stereo headset, and much more. Accessories can provide additional functions to your computer. Some will come with your computer as standard while others are required to be added according to your needs.

What is so special about these accessories?

Every accessory has its own reasons to be special like

  • Adaptor - Connect an HDMI Display to a USB-C Device
  • Mouse pad - Anti-slip, improves tracking performance and surface protection.
  • Live gamer - allows gamers to fully experience what 4K is all about
  • Video recorder - one-button recording, pause and resume recording, and zero delays for pass through videos.
  • Mouse bungee - a patented design that provides unsurpassed durability, stability, and portability

The Quality

Each computer accessory sold at Direct Marketplace is unique, simple, and one of a kind. It is affordable and caters to computer enthusiasts. Some of such accessories are:

The MP860 Dual-sided Gaming Mousepad is a functional option that adapts to your gaming situations.

The DJI Osmo Pocket Waterproof Case features a 197' waterproof depth capacity and has a handheld design so you can comfortably hold it underwater if you'd like.

The Accell USB-C to 3 USB-A 3.0 Hub converts your device's USB-C port into 3 USB-A ports. Connects to flash drives, charge cables, mice, and other devices.