Tripp-Lite RV3012OEM 3000W PowerVerter RV Inverter/Charger with Hardwire Input/Outpu

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Tripp Lite's RV3012OEM Inverter/Charger is the quiet alternative to gas generators with no fumes, fuel or noise to deal with! It provides equipment with utility- or generator-supplied AC electricity filtered through premium ISOBAR surge protection. This DC-to-AC inverter with automatic line-to-battery transfer and integrated charging system serves as an extended run UPS, a standalone power source or an automotive inverter suitable for rugged RV applications.

Supplies up to 3000 watts of continuous 120V AC power from any 12V DC battery or automotive DC source. OverPower TM inverter output feature temporarily provides up to 150% of the continuous output for 1-60 minutes and DoubleBoost TM inverter output feature delivers up to 200% of the continuous output for up to 10 seconds, providing the extra power needed to cold start heavy-duty tools and motorized equipment.

• 12V DC or 120V AC input; 120V AC output (hardwired)

• 3000 watts continuous, 4500 watts OverPower™ and 6000 watts DoubleBoost™ inverter output 3 stage,    35/140 amp selectable wet/dry cell battery charger

• Built-in Isobar® premium AC surge protection and Auto Transfer Switching option for battery backup /UPS    operation

• Tested to power inverter standards UL458 (USA) and CSA (Canada)

• High reliability large-transformer design with protected DC and AC wiring terminals Nominal Output Voltage(s) Supported
Frequency Compatibility
60 Hz
Output Receptacles
Output (Watts)
Continuous Output Capacity (Watts)
Peak Output Capacity (Watts)
Output Voltage Regulation
LINE POWER (AC): Maintains 120V nominal sine wave output from line power source. INVERTER POWER (AC): Maintains PWM sine wave output voltage of 120 VAC (+/-5%).
Output Frequency Regulation
60 Hz (+/- 0.3 Hz)
Overload Protection
Includes 30A input breaker dedicated to the charging system and 2 branch rated 20A output load breakers
Nominal Input Voltage(s) Supported
120V AC
Recommended Electrical Service
DC INPUT: Requires 12VDC input source capable of delivering 290A for the required duration (when used at full continuous capacity - DC requirements increase during Over-Power and Double-Boost operation).
Maximum Input Amps / Watts
DC INPUT: Full continuous load - 282A at 12VDC. AC INPUT: 40 amps total (20A line 1 / 20A line 2) at 120VAC with full inverter and charger load (25A max charger-only from line 1 / combined input load to support charger and AC output is automatically controlled
Input Connection Type
DC INPUT: Set of 4 DC bolt-down terminals (2 red / 2 black). AC INPUT: hardwire (2 input circuits - see manual)
Input Cord Length Details
DC INPUT: User supplies cabling. 0 gauge or larger (see manual). AC INPUT: hardwire
Voltage Compatibility (VAC)
Voltage Compatibility (VDC)
Expandable Battery Runtime
Runtime is expandable with any number of user supplied wet or gel type batteries
DC System Voltage (VDC)
Battery Pack Accessory (Optional)
98-121 sealed lead acid battery(optional)
Battery Charge
35A / 140A (selectable)
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