Tripp-lite PDU PDU3XVSRHWA 28.8kW 3-Phase Switch PDU Hardwire 0U Vertical TAA

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Tripp Lite 3 phase Switched PDU / Power Distribution Unit offers advanced network control and monitoring with the ability to turn on, turn off, recycle or lock-out power to each individual receptacle, monitor site electrical conditions and remotely monitor output power consumption per-phase or per-receptacle. PowerAlert interface supports remote control and custom notification of user-specified conditions via email, secure web, SNMP, Telnet or SSH interface. Individually switched outlets can be controlled in real-time to remotely reboot unresponsive network hardware, or be custom programmed for user-defined power-up and power-down sequences to ensure proper startup of interdependent IT systems and prevent inrush-related overloads as network equipment is first energized. Unused PDU outlets can be electronically locked off to prevent the connection of unauthorized hardware. PDU output current consumption in amps per-phase or per-receptacle can be displayed locally via visual meter or remotely via web/network interface to warn of potential overloads before critical IT mains or branch breakers trip. Highly accurate current metering offers +/-1% billing-grade current monitoring and recording ability for each output phase, breakered load bank and individual outlet. PDU Type
Output Capacity Details
28.8kW (415/240V), 27.7kW (400/230V), 26.3kW (380/220V) total capacity 40A max per output phase (L1, L2, L3) 20A max per breakered outlet bank 16A max per C19 outlet 12A max (10A CE) per C13 outlet
Frequency Compatibility
50 / 60 Hz
Output Receptacles
(12) C13 (12) C19
Output Nominal Voltage
220 (380V input) 230 (400V input) 240 (415V input)
Overload Protection
6 20A circuit breakers, 1 per outlet bank
PDU Input Voltage
380 400 415
Recommended Electrical Service
External circuit breaker - 3 pole, 415V rated minimum, 50A Wiring - 5C, 8AWG (10mm2), 75C rated minimum Conduit - 3/4 in. (PG21) minimum, flexible
Maximum Input Amps
PDU Plug Type
Input Phase
Reported Load Segments
Reports input current per phase (L1, L2,L3), plus output current for each output load bank (B1-B6) and individual output receptacle (1-24) Outlets are color-coded and labelled for phase and load bank identification L1-N feeds black outlets (B1, B4) L2-N feeds dark-gray outlets (B2, B5) L3-N feeds light-gray outlets (B3, B6)
Front Panel LCD Display
Large digital display reports Amperage, Kilowatts, Voltage, Unbalance percentage, Temperature and Humidity information (requires ENIVIROSENSE option) Small digital display provides detail on the measurement the large display is reporting: Input-phase (L), Load bank (B), Sensor (S), Outlet (), Load unbalance % (UB), Output power (OP)
Front Panel LEDs
Set of 6 LEDs identify the value displayed on the large digital display: Amperage (A), Kilowatts (kW), Voltage (V), Unbalance percentage (%UB), Temperature (T), Humidity (%RH) One additional LED for each output receptacle offers power availability information: GREEN (Power ON, load bank capacity <80%), YELLOW (Power ON, load bank capacity >80%), RED (Power OFF/undervoltage), RED FLASHING (Power OFF/breaker trip)
Set of UP/DOWN arrow buttons scroll through available Input, Bank, Power, Load balance and Sensor options Additional MODE button advances the LEDs to view the next measurement
Material of Construction
Form Factors Supported
Vertical rackmount installation supported with included mounting brackets supports toolless mounting in button-mount compatible racks
PDU Form Factor
0U Vertical
Operating Temperature Range
32 to 140oF
Storage Temperature Range
5 to140oF
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