Jumbo Fly Sticks, 2 pk

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Why do you need to buy these jumbo fly sticks?

Sometimes when it becomes irritating for us, we have to take care of eradicating the swarm of mosquitoes around your place. But, burning coils won’t be much of a valuable work since most mosquitoes are not repelled by the same. This is when jumbo fly sticks are appropriate for taking care of the issue.

Fly sticks are extremely easy to eradicate the swarm and the pack full of mosquitoes that are around your place. They contain hidden carbon monoxide, which kills them one after the other.

What is so special about these fly sticks?

  • It contains proper metallic lures so that the flies can be attracted.
  • There is a performed carton which is hidden to attract the flies accordingly.
  • There is no presence of broadcast insecticides present here.
  • Fly catch basin can be removed to avoid the basic pooling.

The Quality

Utility and Material:

The fly sticks consist of ultimate material, which is completely top-notch. This awesome flycatcher, which comes in the shape of a stick, is good enough for your entire room. The fragrance is not mildly strong and helps you out with a variety of other purposes, on the other hand as well.

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