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The gaming industry has been experiencing a constant boom. It seems that the surge in the number of games and its development is a never-ending process. That being said, you may be a full-time gamer who streams online all the time.

On average, gamers spend more than 12 hours sitting right in front of the computer screen! It takes loads of practice and hundreds of streaming hours to be able to make it to the elite club of gaming.

What do you think is the most common feature amongst all the gamers? You guessed it right. They all have gaming chairs with hand rests. Direct Marketplace is known to keep the best collection of gaming furniture or chairs available online.

Gaming chairs which are available on Direct Marketplace are the perfect rendition of effortless style and utter comfort. These are fully assembled when shipped.

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Direct Marketplace offers you unmatched discounts and other benefits. You can avail easy monthly instalments with ‘affirm’. If you feel that you want another colour instead of the one you got, you can easily have it replaced. Direct Marketplace assures you with best quality gaming furniture available across the internet.

However, if you feel what you got is not the one you needed, you can easily return the item and seek a refund. The refund policy of Direct Marketplace is quite agile and crystal clear.

It's a necessity and not a luxury.

All gamers need to stream their video games online for hours together. The chairs available in this line-up are specifically designed to provide you with the best lumbar support. Moreover, the height of some of these chairs are adjustable and come with PVC leather on the outside. You can also use them like recliners if you want to