18" Soft Seating Circle-blue

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  • 18" Soft Seating Circle-blue
  • FFSZB-FT-045R-18-BLUE-GG_15
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  • FFSZB-FT-045R-18-BLUE-GG_8
  • FFSZB-FT-045R-18-BLUE-GG_4
  • FFSZB-FT-045R-18-BLUE-GG_1
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  • FFSZB-FT-045R-18-BLUE-GG_7
  • FFSZB-FT-045R-18-BLUE-GG_6
  • FFSZB-FT-045R-18-BLUE-GG_4
  • FFSZB-FT-045R-18-BLUE-GG_1
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Soft seating collaborative circle for classrooms and common spaces - 18" seat height (blue)
inspire students to gather and interact more often on seating designed for collaboration.The modular ottomans can be reconfigured for educational and social settings.Create a hangout spot in the common areas for students to socialize between classes or as their hangout area during lunch.Do you want to take the settings of your group meetings into this century? accomplish that goal by furnishing your meeting area with collaborative seating that's designed to encourage teamwork.Utilize the surface for seating or as your table for your laptop.Step outside the box by setting up collaborative seating where everyone can come together in a casual setting unlike the standard conference room.Buy furniture for today's modern classroom and offices.The 18 inch collaborative seats are appropriate for all ages.With limitless possibilities using modular ottomans you can design any social or work setting that you can imagine.

  • modular ottoman for classrooms, media centers, libraries, offices
  • create multiple configuration using different shapes and heights
  • durable vinyl upholstery is easy to clean
  • solid plywood frame supports up to 440 pounds
  • screw-in adjustable floor glides
  • table height recommendation for all ages
  • seating height recommendation for 5th graders - adult

  • Product Specifics: -
    Overall Dimension: 18"W x 18"D x 18"H
    Seat-Size: 0
    Back Size: 0
    Seat Height: 18"H
    Material: Polyester, PVC, Vinyl
    Frame Material: Vinyl
    Seat Material: Vinyl
    Frame Color: Blue
    Seat Color: Blue
    Style: Modern
    Base Style: Round
    Seat Shape: Round
    Top Texture: Semi-Rough
    Floor Glides: Adjustable
    Comfort Level: Medium-Soft
    Cleaning Code: D-Dry Cloth
    Child Age Range: Ages 8-11
    Age Group: Teen
    Config Color: Blue
    Fill Material: Foam

    Warranty: 5 Year Limited (non moving metal parts) 2 yr Parts
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